Spatial anchoring effectively supports people in remembering, getting an overview and staying aware of information. In contrast, digital information is location-less and lacks such rich contextual presence. With Kinoma Create we developed "SpAnchor", a pervasive awareness platform that enriches virtual information (messages, reminders, news, etc.) from the cloud with spatial anchors. These anchors are tangible bits that could be attached to household items. Incoming information is routed by the Kinoma Create to the corresponding spatial anchor. Visual or auditory feedback makes the user aware of availability and information type. Explicit or implicit interactions with the spatial anchor provide access to the information content or creates information (e.g. message) that is sent back to the cloud.


UIST Student Innovation Contest , Team: SpInformation, Project: SpAnchor – Spatial anchoring of information. October 2014.


SpAnchor - Anchoring of Spatial Information

Spatial Anchoring of Information